Tuesday, 1 January 2008

The Secret - Some New Videos

I think most people have watched the documentary "The Secret" and know the theories behind the movie but experience difficulty in putting the knowledge into practice.

On this first day of 2008 I want to tell you about 14 step-by-step law of attraction videos created by my friend Gary Evans. These videos teach the down to earth basics of creating reality.

Would you be interested in learning the exact same methods that thousands of skilled creators use every day to deliberately design their day to day experiences?

If you're not already realizing the goals you've set yourself or if your income and relationships aren't how you would like them, then I strongly encourage you to view these Manifestation Mastery videos. The videos are great for everyone, even for those who don't like to sit down and "read".

The videos are designed to take you step-by-step through the entire process of manifestation. Starting from identifying your desires you will then discover the same daily processes used by thousands of other deliberate creators to make your dreams a reality!

To celebrate the announcement of the Manifestation Mastery videos you can pick up the entire course (over 3 hours of video) for just $7.00 as an introductory offer. So if you want to manifest the life you've always desired, the one you know you truly deserve to have...

this is your chance. Just click here .

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