Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Five Sure Ways to Find Misery

How to make yourself miserable - we all do it from time to time, some of us more than others.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Power to Direct Your Mind

In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned Napoleon Hill and his book "Think and Get Rich". I have just come across a video of Napoleon Hill talking about his first meeting with Andrew Carnegie who shared with him the secret of success which which Napoleon Hill subsequently built his life around.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Know Thyself

It's relatively easy to put together your own personalised Mind Movie to inspire you in any area of your life. This one was made by the people at Mind Movies to show you what's possible and to give you some ideas for yourself. The software is dead cheap, buy it at Mind Movies. The idea is you create your own Mind Movie and down load it onto your iPod or PVR to keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

10 Ways to Change your Life (Part 1)

1) Develop and Attitude of Gratitude.
Give thanks for all the good things in your life. Make a list of at least 50 things you can be grateful for. This is a lot easier than it sounds. Keep a "Gratitude Journal" in which you record every day the things that happen that you can be thankful for. This will increase the amount of happiness in your life and make you realise that you already have all you need to live a happy and fulfilled life.After watching the film "The Secret" I carry around with me a "Gratitude Stone", which every time I feel it in my pocket makes me remember all the things I can be grateful for. If we are not grateful we tend to take things for granted and focus on all the things we don't have, which makes us unhappy, unfulfilled, and can get us into debt. A someone once said "Gratitude is better than shopping and a lot cheaper too."

2) Discover Your Life Purpose
Everyone with out fail has a life purpose, a reason for their being here. Take time to discover what this is. It is usually something that you are passionate about. A life coach will help you explore and discover your true life purpose by asking questions like "What do you hope to achieve in your life time"; "How best can you use your talents?"; "What would you like to be remembered for?"
Finding meaning in life is essential for a fulfilled and happy life. You need to search out your life purpose.
The purpose of my life is to be happy, joyous, peace filled, loving and wealthy, and to share this abundance with others.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

The Secret - Some New Videos

I think most people have watched the documentary "The Secret" and know the theories behind the movie but experience difficulty in putting the knowledge into practice.

On this first day of 2008 I want to tell you about 14 step-by-step law of attraction videos created by my friend Gary Evans. These videos teach the down to earth basics of creating reality.

Would you be interested in learning the exact same methods that thousands of skilled creators use every day to deliberately design their day to day experiences?

If you're not already realizing the goals you've set yourself or if your income and relationships aren't how you would like them, then I strongly encourage you to view these Manifestation Mastery videos. The videos are great for everyone, even for those who don't like to sit down and "read".

The videos are designed to take you step-by-step through the entire process of manifestation. Starting from identifying your desires you will then discover the same daily processes used by thousands of other deliberate creators to make your dreams a reality!

To celebrate the announcement of the Manifestation Mastery videos you can pick up the entire course (over 3 hours of video) for just $7.00 as an introductory offer. So if you want to manifest the life you've always desired, the one you know you truly deserve to have...

this is your chance. Just click here .

Monday, 31 December 2007

Two Easy to Keep New Year Resolutions

It is very difficult to keep most New Year resolutions, and in fact most are broken within a few days. I don't recommend making them anyway. Goal setting is a far better method of achieving what you want in your life, and is something which is constantly reviewed rather than just looked at once a year. I will spend several days in the near future explaining how to set powerful and life transforming goals. However, here are two New Year Resolutions which will be easy and fun to keep and will improve your life dramatically.

I want you to resolve to be more grateful for all the things that you already have in your life.

I also want you to resolve to be more happy.

Researchers at the University of California and University of Miami have discovered significant benefits of maintaining an attitude of gratitude.
· Those who kept gratitude journals on a weekly basis exercised more regularly, reported fewer physical symptoms, felt better about their lives as a whole and were more optimistic about the upcoming week.
· Participants who kept gratitude lists were more like to have made progress toward important personal goals.
· A daily gratitude intervention (self guided exercises) with young adults resulted in higher reported levels of the positive states of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness, and energy.
· Participants in the daily gratitude condition were more likely to report having helped someone with a personal problem.
· Grateful people are more likely to acknowledge a belief in the interconnectedness of all life and a commitment to and responsibility to others.
· Grateful individuals place less importance on material goods, and are more likely to share their possessions with others.
· Grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, vitality, optimism and lower levels of stress and depression.

Every morning try and spend five or ten minutes thinking of all the reasons you have to be grateful. Write them down if you have the time, perhaps you could keep a special Gratitude Journal. The film "The Secret" recommends keeping a "gratitude stone" in your pocket so that every time you touch the stone you think of reasons why you are grateful. This will transform your life. If you would like a free Gratitude Meditation (mp3 recording) please e-mail me at Trev@Intelligentlifestyles.co.uk and I will e-mail you the recording.

Happiness results in success, most people think it is the other way round. They think you become happy when you are successful. Happiness sets into motion a whole series of psychological and behavioural changes that make you more determined to set and achieve meaningful and realistic goals, that help you get over failures (which are inevitable), that help you overcome problems and setbacks, and that help you to develop deeper, positive and supportive relationships.

Every morning also ask yourself "What can I do today that will make me happy?" Here is a list of things that have been shown to boost happiness levels. Smiling; Socialising; Intimacy; Keeping a Journal; Meditation; Contributing (Helping Others, perhaps by volunteering); Developing your Spiritual Life; Listening to Music; Exercising; Engrossing Hobbies; Photography; Pursuing Meaningful Goals; and of course Expressing Gratitude. Some recent research has shown that as little as eight minutes participation in these "positive interventions" can lead to significant impact on your happiness and emotional well-being, and help reduce the national plague of "unhappyitis."

Friday, 10 August 2007

Two Free E-Books

Napoleon Hill wrote "The Imagination is the most marvellous, miraculous, and inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known". He went on to say "It takes no more effort to demand abundance and prosperity than to accept misery". You need to develop a prosperous mind set, and re-evaluate all of the beliefs that limit your wealth. Alexander Pope said "We have seen the enemy and they are us". The creation of wealth is a science, if you do certain things you will get rich! To help you along the way I would like to send you two classic e-books. The first is by Wallace Wattles entitled "The Science of Getting Rich", the second book is "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. I have heard it said that one's wealth is directly proportional to the number of times you have read "Think and Grow Rich". I hope that these gifts provide the inspiration and momentum to enable you to make an "explosive jump" in your ability to create wealth, prosperity and abundance. Please e-mail me at Trevor@IntelligentLifestyles.co.uk to get your two e-books. Alternatively, you can subscribe to my newsletter, and I will send the books to all my subscribers. You will get the books quicker though if you e-mail me directly, (but please subscribe to my newsletter as well). Don't forget to request your free coaching session and I will phone you back to schedule it.