Friday, 3 August 2007

Brainstorming your Goals

Having used the Wheel of Life exercise (described below) to decide which areas of your life you want to improve you now need to ask yourself "If this area in my life was perfect what would be happening?" Brainstorm absolutely everything and write it down on a piece of paper. A coach ( will ask you powerful questions to facilitate the brainstorming process. Examples of such questions would be:
"If you had no fear what would you do?"
"If you knew you couldn't fail what would you do?"
"What do you really really want?"
"What else would you love to be, do or have?"
Your coach will keep on questioning you until they are sure that you have come up with absolutely everything you need for this area in your life to be perfect.
From the notes you have made you now need to formulate your goals according to the S.M.E.R.T.I.E. model below (25/07). It is important to use empowering phrases such as; "I love doing..", "I am delighted that...", "I am exhilarated..." They should also be written in the present tense, they must have a date and year, and they must not contain any negatives, which the sub-conscious mind cannot process. (The phrase "Don't think of a pink elephant" illustrates this point with alarming accuracy).
An example of a correctly worded goal would be something like "It is 26th September 2007 and I am now in a romance of storybook intensity with the girl of my dreams. She is fantastic and we get on amazingly well, enjoying many adventures and sharing much fun and happiness together. Our intellects are well matched and we take great pleasure in deep discussions which go on into the night. We enjoy working out at the gym as well as running and cycling. We are like catalysts to one another encouraging each other's personal growth and development. When we are together we are totally unaware of the flow of time. The relationship is destined to result in a enduring marriage of more romance, love, fun adventure and mutual personal growth."
You can have great fun writing out these goals, and as a coach it is one of the activities I enjoy most. I will write out three goals for you during my free introductory coaching session. Please contact me at to arrange a free coaching session.

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