Monday, 30 July 2007

The Wheel of Life

This is a simple but extremely powerful tool to use to identify what areas in your life need improving It is holistic, in that it will help you restore balance to your life, and help you set powerful goals to you transform your life and achieve your dreams.
Draw a circle on a piece of paper about 3 inches in diameter. Divide this into 8 equally sized segments by drawing vertical and horizontal lines through the centre and then a further two lines that also cross through the centre of the circle. You should now have what looks like a pizza cut into eight equal slices. Each segment represents an important area in your life. You can choose these areas yourself or use the following which are the areas that most of my clients identify; Emotions, Health, Partner, Vocation, Money, Personal Development, Family/Social, and Spirituality. These are all self explanatory with perhaps the exception of Spirituality which does not necessarily mean a religious faith of some type. It can just simply mean being in touch with your true self.
You now look at each of the areas in turn and rate your self from 1 to 10 on where you believe your life is now compared to where you think it should be. For example, if you are financially independent with £3,000,000 wisely invested, you would probably score yourself 10/10, if on the other hand you have too much month left at the end of the money you would probably score 1/10. Mark on the relevant segment your score, 0 is at the centre of the circle, 10 is the outer edge. When you have done this for each area join the dots to form your "life wheel". If you are anything like the majority of people you will end up with a rather distorted crumpled looking wheel. If you imagine this life wheel on your car, you can see you are going to get a very bumpy ride.
This indicates which areas in your life you need to work on to restore a sense of balance, the goal initially being to try and get the Life Wheel as round as possible. You can then select which areas you want to prioritise for growth.
Identify which areas have your lowest score, these are probably the best areas to work with to set some powerful goals to start transforming your life.
The "Life Wheel" is extremely adaptable and can be used in many ways to progress your life. Your life coach ( will teach you many uses for the wheel, and how it can be used to prioritise your most important goals and get you powerfully motivated to start taking action. It is also possible to make smaller wheels for each one of the above areas. When I am helping clients improve their health and fitness I use a "Health Wheel" where the segments are labeled; Happiness, Exercise, Hydration, Stress, Weight, Nutritional Supplements, Diet, Fun & Recreation.
You should review your life wheel every couple of months. It is a good tool for finding where you are now, where you want to be, and for measuring your progress.
In my next session I will show you how to set powerful goals in the areas that you have identified that need improving.

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