Friday, 20 July 2007

Fear - Train the Butterflies to Fly in Formation!

All most all our fears are now self created. We scare ourselves by fantasizing about negative outcomes to anything we are considering doing, thus we let fear stop us from doing the things we should be doing to live abundant and extraordinary lives. Mark Twain wrote "I have lived a long life and had many troubles, most of which never happened."
Fear used to be the body's way of telling us our lives were in danger and giving us a burst of energy to run away from the danger or to stay and fight it. These days there are very few saber toothed tigers wandering around, nor other threats to our lives, but we still have the feeling of fear. It really just means we need to be a little more cautious, that's all. It doesn't mean we should not do anything. To get most of the good things in life you need to take a little risk, everyone feels fear, the important thing is to get on and do it anyway. You can actually train your body to enjoy the feeling of fear - someone described it as "getting the butterflies to fly in formation." Instead of thinking of fear as fear, feel it as exhilaration, or courage or self confidence instead. Remember that fear really is Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real.
A life coach ( will help you identify your fears, confront them and encourage you to work through them. One way you can do this on your own is to identify your fears, for example, "I am afraid to speak in public." Then write down "I want to ... speak in public, .... but I scare myself by fantasizing that I will ......" and list the reasons for your fear, for example, "... forget all my words and make a complete fool of my self." Do this for all your fears. This exercise will soon make you realise that you are the one creating the fear. Then replace the fantasy with the exact opposite so the statement now reads " I want to speak in public, I will remember all my words and deliver a fantastic speech." Then use this as an affirmation.
The things that we fear the most give us the greatest sense of liberation and growth when we press on and do them anyway.

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