Monday, 16 July 2007

Where Have I Been?

Since my last posting on 10th February I have been travelling around the world (in an easterly direction). I had hoped to keep this blog updated with my progress, photos, and experiences, but this proved problematical and time consuming. I wanted to make the most of my time seeing the sites and not sat in my hotel room or internet cafe writing this blog. When I arrived back in the UK there was just so much to do!!! But I am more or less on top of things now and can now commit to writing a daily article once again. So look out for my postings once again.
To answer the question at the top of the page, my first visit was Singapore where I regretfully spent only two days. This was a superb place to visit with plenty to do. I treated myself and stayed at Raffles Hotel (the original one). I shall never forget my midnight swims in the roof top pool, nor the food.
I spent a week in Perth then on to Sydney for a further week, having a fantastic time at each destination. The highlight of my stay in Perth was a 3 hour flight along the west coast in a small Cessna light aircraft, up to Monkey Mia where a pod of wild dolphins regularly come up to the beach to interact with humans. In Sydney I did the Sydney Bridge walk to overcome my fear of heights. I also visited the three most famous beaches, Bondi, Manley and Coogee, but I was disappointed with these. The beaches in Fuerteventura, where I have my winter residence are far better, and in fact I did not see any beaches anywhere on my travels to rival Fuerteventura.
My three weeks in New Zealand were absolutely superb! There were highlights each and every day, these included; flying out to a bubbling steaming volcanic island called White Island ( on the east coast; Canyoning at Queens Town and Auckland; and sailing down Milford Sound.
From New Zealand it was on to Fiji where I stayed at Tony Robbins spa resort "Namale" as well as Nadi on the main island and Savu Savu, on the second largest island. The main purpose of my round the world trip was to attend a Tony Robbins course "Life Mastery" which was held at Namale. On the first day of the course we climbed 56 feet high telegraph poles and then jumped onto trapezes suspended 12 feet from the top of the poles. We also detoxed our bodies by fasting and colonic irrigation and learnt how to "master" our lives. I hope to share a lot of what I learnt on the course on this blog, especially about the colonic irrigation.
From Fiji it was on to the USA and Los Angeles, which was maybe the wrong place to visit after chilling out in Fiji. The highlight of LA was the Getty Museum. My trip to the Grand Canyon was cancelled at the last minute which was a huge disappointment. I did not stay very long in LA and left the USA without stopping off in New York. It was just too busy after Fiji! I intend to return in December.
I hope to put details and photos of my trip onto one of my websites.

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